BMT delivers defence design and engineering services for Sea, Land, ISTAR and Air.

Defence Platform Design and Support

BMT delivers defence design and engineering services for Sea, Land, ISTAR and Air.

BMT delivers complex engineering and design capabilities for European, North American, Australian and Asian customers. As we are not directly engaged in manufacturing or construction, we are able to provide an impartial view, supported by our status as an Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), free from the influence of external stakeholders.

Our technical expertise, combined with our history of close association with major defence organisations in Europe, the US, Canada and Australia, means we bring a deep understanding of the challenges our customers face, and can provide a wide range of solutions.

BMT delivers defence design and engineering services for Sea, Land, ISTAR and Air. More importantly, we also understand that getting a platform into service is not the only challenge for our customers and that keeping it safe for use, capable and operationally available over many years is also vital. It is here that our substantial experience extends to delivering effective, innovative and technically advanced solutions for supporting and adapting our customers’ military platforms throughout their lifetime to maximise their operational capability.

  • Surface Ship Design and Support

    Our designers and engineers have the flexibility and capability to undertake the complete design and assurance of new naval platforms, as well as introduce, execute and manage design changes to existing in-service naval vessels.

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  • Specialist Naval Platforms

    Our technical, design and engineering skills mean that we are called upon by major government agencies to support all aspects of platform design, upgrade and life extension.

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  • Submarine Design and Support

    Our highly qualified and multi-disciplined submarine designers and engineers support the complete life-cycle of conventional and nuclear submarines from concept designs to their safe disposal.

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  • Specialist Submarine Design Support

    BMT has been supporting the day-to-day operations of UK Royal Navy submarines for more than two decades and has a comprehensive portfolio of expertise for keeping submarines safe, capable and available. These services range from maintenance and critical sustainability studies to escape and rescue systems, integrated logistics support and safe diving procedures. In Canada, BMT is leading a team of engineers and submarine specialists supporting the prime contractor for in-service support of the Victoria class submarines.

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  • Land System Design and Support

    Our professional services cover the full spectrum of land system requirements across all DLoD and the project life cycle including acquisition strategy, design support and assessment to maintenance and through life costs.

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  • ISTAR System Design and Support

    ISTAR –– intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance – combine to present an optimal representation of the battle space.

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  • Air System Design and Support

    In-service support: Once systems are operational, it is crucial to maintain optimum and safe performance. BMT’s experts provide the essential performance assessments to keep air systems working effectively.

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Defence platform design and support brochure

An overview of BMT's platform design and support capabilities within the Defence sector.