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Mining and Bulk Handling

BMT has an unequalled reputation for designing bulk materials handling systems that perform; and for solving problems associated with current and next-generation mining machinery.

BMT has an unequalled reputation for designing bulk materials handling systems that perform; and for solving problems associated with current and next-generation mining machinery.

Over the past 20 years, BMT has created inspiring engineering solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our unique passion drives our capability to innovate and our thirst for knowledge gives our specialist teams the ability to maintain a reputation for producing world class results.

Mining plays an important role in supporting living standards for both developed and developing nations. Not just by providing access to affordable energy sources but also the critical materials found in everything from smartphones and PCs to cars and household appliances. Extracting these resources safely and cost effectively is therefore vital to global prosperity.

Successful mining operations depend on high-productivity machines and, in an industry with a long heritage of innovation, these are constantly evolving. Yet adopting new machines and systems brings challenges. As a company with a worldwide reputation in both mining and minerals-processing machinery and bulk materials handling systems, BMT is strongly positioned to help our customers address them.

Mining companies need to carefully specify and design their new systems in order to minimise reliability problems; and we can support this process with our wide range of specialist services (see diagram below). Customers also need any mechanical, structural or electrical reliability issues identified and addressed. BMT helps mining companies do this effectively, without the need for a trial and error approach to design modifications.

BMT is particularly well known for designing novel bulk materials handling systems; and for solving the more difficult and challenging problems often associated with next-generation larger mining machinery. Globally, BMT is a leading international multi-disciplinary engineering, science and technology consultancy offering a broad range of services and high-value solutions.


  • Specification and Design Audits of Machines and Systems

    BMT assists mining companies in maximising the reliability of new systems, by preparing and contributing to detailed technical specifications and by auditing the designs of new machines prior to construction.

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  • Machine Design

    BMT provides a complete design capability for new bulk handling systems, and related machines such as stacker-reclaimers. As well as extensive experience in re-designing and re-engineering existing machines to extend service life and reliability.

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  • Special Purpose Machines

    BMT has designed many ‘special purpose’ and automated machines for customers with specific requirements.

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  • Problem Solving / Troubleshooting, Test and Measurement

    BMT has unique capabilities in terms of being able to diagnose problems and early failures by recording critical parameters such as loads, stresses and hydraulic pressures during operation.

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  • Project Engineering Services

    From project inception, through concept development, feasibility studies, financial projection, design procurement, contract administration, construction, commission to completion – BMT provides total project management for any project.

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  • Advanced Engineering Analysis

    At BMT, analysis is a key element in the overall approach to solving problems in mining machinery. It is an integral part of the design, troubleshooting, failure analysis, performance enhancement and life extension services which BMT provides.

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  • Asset Management Services

    To assist owners and operators of equipment to better manage and maintain capital assets over their operational lifetime, the company offers a comprehensive range of services.

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  • Environment

    We have a long history servicing mine industry customers in a range of regulatory and planning contexts.

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  • Bulk Materials Handling Engineering

    For many years BMT has been helping customers to optimise the performance of bulk material handling equipment.

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Mining Brochure

BMT Mining and Bulk Handling Brochure

An overview of BMT’s capabilities within the Mining and Bulk Handling sector.