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Vessel Design and Performance

BMT's extensive experience in this field has been demonstrated in its innovative vessel design and with tools that optimise vessel performance.

BMT offers a one stop solution for the customer in terms of vessel design.

From early concept design, naval architecture and detailed production design through to survey, construction support and inspection, BMT has the commercial and technical skills and capability to offer a high quality engineering service.

The group has a proven record of managing complex and innovative design briefs from feasibility through to detailed design and, in many cases, production.

When it comes to vessel performance, the successful operation of a ship depends upon a complex number of factors. Some will be totally within the ship owner's control and some, such as the weather, can only be forecast and attempts made to mitigate the impact. In both respects, knowledge and an understanding of the risk and consequences are key to optimising a vessel's performance and ensuring safe operation.

  • Specialist Vessel Design

    BMT's design support services include extensive experience of the specific issues associated with individual ship types.

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  • Vessel Performance

    BMT offers a range of vessel performance monitoring products, including propulsive efficiency monitoring, hull roughness analysers and container stack load monitoring.

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  • Human Factors Engineering

    With over 60% of accidents onboard vessels being attributable to human factor, there is a growing role for human factors engineering to be factored into the design of vessels.

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  • Concept Studies

    The company's ability to undertake the whole vessel engineering from concept though to detailed production design allows us to add significant value in the early stages of design development in order to ensure that the final design is practical and feasible without compromising the original intent.

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  • Safety and Compliance

    BMT offer a wide range of services to ship operators and ports, including the systematic identification, assessment and management of risks across industry sectors

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Specialist Vessel Design Brochure

An overview of BMT's capabilities within the Specialist Vessel Design market sector.

Ship Design Database

Vessel Design Database

Check out our portfolio of services in vessel design.

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