Water Quality and Water Cycle Management

Responsible management of our water resources.

A key component of the responsible management of our water resources is the protection and enhancement of environmental hydrology and water quality. This protection is typically required in all urban water streams and receiving water (e.g. estuaries) settings. For example, a proposal for the urbanisation of green space areas will require that measures are put in place to treat stormwater generated in urban areas, to effectively manage and minimise potable demand, and to effectively manage and mitigate water quality impacts in downstream receiving waters. 

BMT WBM has a long track record in the development of numerical and GIS based tools that support the protection of environmental water quality and the management of the urban water cycle. We have strong skills in the management of urban and environmental systems, including downstream receiving aquatic environments. We apply state of art numerical models to these types of applications (including holistic total water cycle management studies), many of which we have developed in house or in direct collaboration with university researchers. We have found that doing so provides us with the flexibility and robustness of analysis that is typically required to undertaken such complex studies involving hydrology and water quality management.

These services are provided by our specialist operating company in Australia.