bespoke ship handling training

Bespoke Ship Handling Training

Working with shipping companies, BMT can develop and deliver tailor made training courses delivered at its newly rebuilt REMBRANDT simulator facility near Southampton, UK.

BMT has wide ranging experience in training both ships’ masters and berthing masters alike in FPSO and SBM mooring techniques where a full understand of how to use the prevailing environmental conditions in addition to tug assistance can be practised and perfected.

With an extensive range of ship types, tugs and a choice of either turret or “over the bow” spread moored export installations the limitations of the visiting ship, its mooring lines and anchors can be fully explored. In addition various techniques of working with attending tugs can be explored to further improve the ship handlers’ knowledge and understanding of working with this vital aspect of bringing a ship alongside a moving platform.

All of the above training will be delivered in the fully immersive environment of a full bridge simulator.