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Vessel Manoeuvring Training

BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics has many years’ experience in all aspects of training solutions from scale trials, free running and captive model tests to mathematical predictions and simulation.

Our REMBRANDT software is a real and fast-time ship-handling and manoeuvring simulator. It is PC based and developed with standard user interfaces and structure, making it widely accessible for our customers.

It is principally designed for the following applications:

  • Manoeuvre rehearsal
  • Ship performance and operational assessments
  • Assessment of port arrangements, such as berths and channels
  • Assessment of tug requirements
  • Ship-handling training
  • Incident investigations

REMBRANDT uses industry-standard electronic charts to provide an interactive simulation backdrop. This allows the mathematical model to interact with the bathymetry and land objects contained in the vector chart data. Mathematical models are created and validated  by our naval architects who have  many years’ experience in the manoeuvring performance of surface vessels. Ship models can be created individually, based on a specific ship, or selected from a library of nearly 100 vessels.

The simulator includes many of the features found on modern integrated bridge systems.  It can be equipped with additional modules, including spatially variable currents, anchors, mooring lines, tugs and vessels in 3D. We also supply control consoles that replicate those used on the ship, providing users with a realistic experience.

Manoeuvring simulation provides a method of accurately assessing a vessel's handling capabilities in a wide range of environmental conditions and scenarios. This helps to reduce both navigation and manoeuvring risks and ship-handling training costs.

Customer Comment

"In Brunsbuettel the PCR (REMBRANDT) is playing a key role in our pilot association’s ship handling training programme. We found in BMT an enthusiastic and competent team to translate our ideas and recommendations to improve the system into practice."

Capt. André Brueck, Senior Training Pilot , Kiel CanalPilots I